The Luxembourg and Cape Verde Chamber of Commerce



The Luxembourg and Cape Verde Chamber of Commerce with the name CCLCV was created on June 19, 2014, registered with RCS Luxembourg and has its registered office at 158 ​​Chemin Rouge, Belvaux, Sanem 4480, Luxembourg.


The CCLCV administration is committed to stimulate investments in Cape Verde for the internationalization of service companies as well as to deepen the excellent economic and cultural relations existing between these two countries as indicated in the statutes of Cape Verde and PALOP countries.

At the same time, CCLCV also intends to be a service delivery space seeking solutions and better responses for our citizens / entrepreneurs who live with a poor connection with Cape Verde in terms of dealing with bureaucratic and institutional issues.

Les Domaines d'action

Support for companies in business development.

To be a vector of promotion of associated companies, to create commercial opportunities.

Provide relevant information on investment and growth opportunities and conditions of member companies and entrepreneurs.

Create support services for the Cape Verdean community, informing, guiding and facilitating the integration process.

Promote, organize and co-participate in the holding of congresses, conferences, seminars, conferences and other similar initiatives which, directly or indirectly, can contribute to a better understanding of the market opportunities and to solve the problems of the members in the implementation and the development of their businesses.


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